AUGUST 10-11, 2018
Pegasus Farm // ELKINS, WV

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Pegasus Farm

Pegasus Farm provides the opportunity to both grow our Shadefest family and retain the unique spirit of camaraderie the festival has come to be known for.

Pegasus, in addition to being a wonderful festival backdrop, will improve the overall Shadefest experience for a few reasons:

1.  Enhanced Amenities: Our venue offers us two stages this year, so there will be less time changing stages! In addition, there are showers, RV hookups, and even a small fishing pond and creek.

2. Additional Space: We’re looking forward to inviting newcomers to Shadefest 2018 while providing additional space for our Shadefest vets!

3. We will have later curfews this year, so you can enjoy our late night acts well into the night.

4. Part of Shadefest’s identity is a natural beauty, and that tradition will carry on into our 2018 event. Pegasus Farm is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains and completely surrounded by nature. This year’s remote setting will make Shadefest 2018 a true escape.

The Shadefest team could not be more excited to present Shadefest 2018, our best event to date!


  1. Alcohol – Shadefest is BYOB! No underage drinking allowed. IDs will be checked at the gate.
  2. No illegal substances (no nitrous) – all local laws will be enforced
  3. No fireworks
  4. No weapons
  5. No fighting
  6. No trespassing on adjoining property or the property owner’s house area.
  7. No personal fires
  8. Parking in designated areas ONLY (violators will be towed or asked to move repeatedly)
  9. Do not litter! Throw away your trash and recycle your cans and plastic bottles!
  10. No glass.
  11. Anyone caught intentionally disrespecting the property will be ejected without refund.
  12. If it seems like trouble, don’t do it.